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Production and pre-storage

We offer security on matters of quality and punctuality by starting production early.

After manufacturing, the goods are stored either in Asia (container dispatch) or in Europe (pallet distri-bution and cross docking), as per your wishes.

Additionally, we offer storage of our products in Europe, in order to be able to quickly meet demand, for example for covering seasonal peaks. This does, however, involve a purchase commitment.

The services that are offered at our Asian locations include, inter alia:

  • Realistic CAD drawings for new projects, as per customer requirements
  • Top-notch user manuals that comply with all legal requirements, available electronically or animated (optimised for the internet), as de-sired
  • All kinds of testing, technical, chemical and physical
  • Proof of all requisite import documentation, especially FLEGT
  • Care and assistance during visits to production locations
  • Sourcing new products and/or manufacturers
  • Quality assurance in respect of our own prod-ucts, at various levels of intensity
  • Professional product photographs of studio quality, after completion of the acceptance pro-totype

The services that are offered in Europe in-clude, inter alia:

  • Current models, always adapted to the trends in the market
  • Permanent on-going development and optimi-sation of the products
  • Advice on quality standards and inspections (official inspection stations, chemistry, physics)
  • Advice on legal FLEGT regulations (Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade)
  • Dispatch of spare parts and complaints han-dling in Germany
  • Information centre with up-to-date information on current status, German-speaking, fast and competent